About The Foundation School

The Foundation public school started its journey from being a Elementary School which gradually developed into a primary school. Now we are growing no. of students in our campus and achieving new numbers every year.

We have well qualified and passionate staff with the aim to ensure the overall development of a child. Our team believes in providing quality education to the students and strives to give them a very innovative and educational environment while they are in school. The Foundation Public School is aimed to be one of the best Schools in Jaipur. As a professional school we keeps your trust by providing an all-round development environment to your children. We make children competition ready for the competitive environment. In order to have focus on each and every child we ensure that the student-teacher ratio is very less. The school follows standard curriculum and we always keep ourselves updated with any academic changes and innovation by time. Our team has a progressive nature and our aim is to grow and develop the school to reach new heights. We are very open to adopt any new changes in our education system that could help students grow their knowledge and become smarter.

The Foundation Public School provides holistic growth to their students . Apart from core curriculum, we ensure quality learning in all walks of life of a child . We emphasize on  IT skills, language learning, esp. English language which now has the maximum stake holders around the globe.

We also motivate parents to monitor their ward regularly & routinely in the school & at home and understand the value of timely support. We see the parents as equal partners in providing the children with meaningful educational experience.
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