Dalimss Sunbeam School Dalimss Sunbeam School

Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School was founded by the Mrs. Deesh Ishrat a visionary and educationist, in the memory of distinguished scholar Late Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat.

Today that seed has blossomed into a veritable giant tree of knowledge that the school and its many Branches together testify to, under the able guidence and endevour of Mr. Pradeep Madhok - President and Mrs. Pooja Madhok - Director. The school is striding forward towards even greater growth and developement to reiterate its standings as the most eminent academic institution in the region.

Dr.Amrit lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam school, with branches at ROHANIA, SIGRA, LAHURABIR, MOHINIKUNJ, PAHARIA & RAMKATORA is the acknowledged leader among academic institutions in Varanasi.

A school that upholds the rich Legacy for learning and enviable reputation for excellence that the main branch Rohania is already famous for.

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