St. Anthony's High School St. Anthony's High School

Hello, Welcome to 'The institution -An Epitome of Knowledge’ I would like to thank and congratulate you for spending valuable time briefing yourself about us ’Valuable’ because this would probably determine the ultimate outcome of your most prized and loved possession-‘Your child’.

Here I intend familiarizing you about some of our aim and objectives in promoting this institution.

Our Philosophy – It is in our firm conviction that there is no alternative to quality education, which is undoubtedly the first imperative towards preparing a child in today’s world of competition based success.

Aim of Education - To develop the capacity latent in human nature and to co-ordinate their expression for the enrichment of society, by equipping children with Spiritual, Moral and Material Knowledge.

Objective of Education - In term of knowledge, Qualities, Skill, Attitude, and Capacity that enables individuals to become conscious subjects of their growth and responsible participants of a new world order.

Purpose of Education -  For both males and females- to develop them that may share with an ever advancing civilization.

Need for Day-Boarding – We realize the need to spend the maximum available time to develop the children in many spheres ( Academic  / Moral / Spiritual / Cultural / Social / Inner Talent) that would comprise a “Complete Education”. “No Bags” would also help the children to lead stress-free comfortable childhood.

The S.A.H.S Advantage – Leading total focus on –“The Mind” – To Know, “The Heart” – To love, “The Spirit”- To Be and “The Body”- To Serve.

And Finally the impetus on our motto :- “Developing Excellence and Talent in a Conducive Enviroment”.

I welcome those who wish ____ of our ideals.

With warm greeting and our best wishes.

Mrs. Brenda Jonathan

(Founder - Principal and Secretary)